Introducing The Nibi Curriculum

The Nibi Curriculum, developed to support learners of all ages, is a resource for classrooms and independent study alike. With an abundance of structured lesson plans, discussion prompts, and hands-on activities, it is the hope that this new work from Treaty #3 will help guide water education and relationship building across the Nation and beyond.

You need to know who you are, where you've been, and where you're going, and the curriculum is an attempt to do that.

Priscilla Simard

The curriculum will share information to our young people today. It is our young people that must learn these teachings. They need to honor water and respect it, they have to be able to protect it and carry out the ceremonies that go along with it. Water is life, we must take care of it and respect it, we must raise it as we would a child. It all goes back to the creation story; children are born in water – it is so important. I am an advocate for Nibi, and I am also a teacher. I speak for those who can’t speak, especially our water beings, the animals that come from the water. They have given us life, what we need to live.

Priscilla Simard

Sharing knowledge and teachings with future generations is vital to being able to understand our collective responsibility to water. This curriculum helps students and teachers of all ages learn about Nibi and take action to protect it.

Aimée Craft

Having the honour of dedicating my time to the development of this resource for the TPU and the Anishinaabe Nation was a profound experience. My conviction in the sovereignty of our Nation, the significance of preserving and passing on our traditional knowledge, and the respect bestowed upon Nibi and our sacred duties were my primary motivations behind writing this curriculum. As an Anishinaabekwe, it was particularly important to me that our knowledge was translated with utmost respect for our protocols. This curriculum provides a structure for further study and exploration, with the intent to evolve over time. It initiates your journey to learn about Nibi - a sacred source of life.

Fawn Wapioke
Explore the Curriculum

Whether you are just beginning to understand your own personal relationship with Nibi, or developing a unit for your school classroom, you will find helpful tools within the curriculum to carve out an effective pathway for learning. 

Below are some sample pages:

Have questions? You can always use our contact page to submit any inquiries you have about the curriculum. We are always eager to support continued relationships with Nibi through learning.

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